Trauma Teds

We have recently been in touch with Sean Avery, a Fire Fighter with Devon & Cornwall Fire Service in Crownhill. Sean told Outreach Worker Zoe all about ‘Trauma Teds’ – hand knitted teddies kept on board the fire trucks for children who have been involved in a fire rescue.

The Trauma Teds used to be kept on board all trucks, but sadly the teddies stopped coming in and so the incentive went dormant around 15 years ago. Sean is keen to bring the idea out of retirement and has put a call-out to all keen knitters and crocheters to ask for teddies to be made in readiness for getting them back on board.

“We would love to have enough to be able to offer some to all other rescue services too”. Said Sean of Blue Watch – 49 Crownhill.

Our members thought it was a wonderful idea and now Teds are being made across all the Timebanks.