Our Values

‘Give an Hour Make a Day’, we bring people and communities together to exchange time and everyday life skills to help each other.

1. People make a difference

We believe that people make a community because everyone has something positive to give, no matter how small the contribution. Communities have an abundance of skills which can often go untapped and uncelebrated, Timebanking creates an opportunity for those skills to be used, exchanged and celebrated. We recognise, value and celebrate every action, because the benefits can be far reaching because people do make a difference.

2. Give and Get

Helping others works best when it’s a two-way street, with Timebanking every time someone ‘gives’ their time and skill to help someone they ‘get’ time and skills back from any Timebank member. The only currency is time so all skills are equal. People who exchange their time and skills with others help create caring communities where possibilities are endless. It’s a win win situation as everyone helps each other.

3. Caring Communities

We believe that people do care and come together to support each other when needed. Caring and actively helping others is invaluable ‘work’ in the community that goes beyond money. The smallest action such as changing a lightbulb or taking the time to have a cup of tea with someone can make all the difference to someone’s day and life. Communities that care are often stronger, happier and healthier.

4. Get Social

Timebanking is about making connections, bringing people and communities together to create new friendships and form lasting relationships through the sharing of time, interests and skills. Timebanking provides an opportunity to create and build strong social networks where people feel connected and part of their community.