Our Aims

  • To promote the principles and benefits of Timebanking in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.
  • To champion strong, resilient caring communities where people actively support each other and Timebanking is the norm
  • To improve people‚Äôs health and well-being, reduce social isolation and increase community cohesion by bringing people and communities together to make new friends and exchange time, skills and know-how
  • To recognise, value and celebrate every informal volunteering action made, no matter how small
  • To support individuals, organisations and service providers to start-up new Neighbourhood and Organisational Time Banks
  • To provide ongoing support, training and resources to new and existing Neighbourhood and Organisational Timebanks
  • To pilot new projects using the principles of Timebanking
  • To keep Timebanking safe
  • To monitor and evaluate everything we do
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