Technological Embroidery

Timebank South West Member Di is a keen embroider and she needed a laptop to store and alter files to be sent to her embroidery machine. Her husband had a laptop which he was not using and gave it to her to use. He said the laptop would need to be put back to factory settings, but as Di wasn’t sure how to do that she asked Timebank if we could find someone to help her.

Timebank member Wayne volunteered to assist. He collected the laptop to take to his house, so that he could wipe everything from the machine and restore it back to factory settings. He loaded all of the necessary software on to the laptop needed for doing embroidery. When Wayne took it back Di, he stayed to make sure it was able to link to Di’s Internet. He also wanted to check that all the drivers were present on the laptop for Di’s A3 printer.

Now that Di has all the technology that she needs for her embroidery machine, countless embroideries have happily been completed!