Pumpkin carving and soup making

Whitleigh Timebankers started our pumpkin session with a cuppa, toast and crumpets while we waited for others to arrive.  Then the timebank members got stuck into carving their pumpkins.  Kevin, Katie, Diane, Christine and Taylorre started to remove the inside flesh and seeds from their pumpkins into bowls, this then triggered a conversation with the other members on how you can dry out the seeds then roast them to make tasty snacks.  So with that in mind the other timebankers not carving (Ann, Les, Bev, Molly, Louise and Mick ) started to separate the seeds from the flesh into other bowls so they could each take some home with them to roast and try this out.

Katie was brave and carved a scary face into her pumpkin with out using a template or drawing while the others used pens to draw faces on them then carve those shapes out.

While they were all chatting away Outreach Worker Nikki and Steve from Four Greens hub helped to chop up the remaining pumpkins with some potatoes, onions, carrots and stock and boiled it all together.  Once cooked they blended it all to a nice thick soup.

“It has been a great day, I really enjoyed carving the pumpkin and having a nice cup of homemade healthy soup”. – Kevin

“ It was fun and gooey” – Katie

Everyone helped to clear up the carving mess and everyone enjoyed a hot cup of soup and reminisced about childhood memories around pumpkins and Halloween.