Making Moss

Timebank members from Stonehouse, Devonport and Efford have been getting creative with yarn over the last few weeks.

The Plot in Union Street is an alternative shopping arcade that keeps growing. The building is bringing new activity and opportunities to the community and creating links for local residents.
Inspired by allotments, spaces are being rented out patch by patch to local businesses and individuals who want to grow a great idea that benefits our community and the street.

In keeping with the ‘growing’ theme Nudge wanted to create a ‘living wall’ out of yarn and asked local residents and users of the space to take a piece of netting and create a section to add to the wall which will eventually be covered with pieces of beautiful, handcrafted moss.

Timebankers were keen to get involved! They created wonderful pieces of art inspired by Moss, each section they used a stunning array of colours and textures.

“This is not something I would normally do, but I found it enjoyable and really like the finished piece” Tony.