Zoe NileĀ 

Outreach Worker / Volunteer Coordinator


I have worked in the community for the last four years with Food Plymouth and on the Grow, Share Cook project. I thrive on bringing people together to share their knowledge and skills, encouraging self – belief and personal empowerment. Timebank Southwest embodies all of this and so I am very proud to be a member of the team.

I truly believe that each of us have the ability to make a difference within our community and so in coming together through Timebank we can create opportunities and implement actions that benefit individuals as well as they communities we live in.

I aim to support my Timebank Hubs through celebration of what they have achieved so far, promotion of what they do and why they do it as well as encouraging wider engagement throughout the areas in which they are based which in turn will raise our profile, and in time, embed Timebanking into our communities.