Timebankers at the Theatre Royal

Just before the start of the summer holiday’s Theatre Royal Plymouth came to one of our socials in Ernesettle where Timebankers met Sara, Ryan, Bee, Sam, Mitch, Becky and Caitlin.

Some weeks Bee attended to encourage everyone to get singing and one week they signed to ‘You are my Sunshine’ as everyone sang the words.

Other weeks Sam, Mitch and Ryan came along to do some story-telling with the group. As a warm up exercise the group had to give meaning to their names, another week saying what animal they would be and about their first experience of going to the Theatre.

After the social on 18th August they were treated by the Theatre Royal to go and experience the musical ‘Singing in the Rain.’ They put on a coach from Ernesettle to the Theatre, and gave Timebankers tickets on arrival and bought them an ice-cream in the interval!

On the way out the door some of managed to get an autograph of one of the cast.

Val B said ‘I have really enjoyed these sessions please can we do some more of them’ and Liz said ‘I really enjoyed the Show, I had a great afternoon.’