Tie Dyeing

When Timebanker’s in Whitleigh were deciding on activities for the Tea and Toast session, regular Timebank member Tanya suggested Tie Dyeing as a new activity. Tanya offered to share her previously acquired experience and knowledge to show Timebank members how to do it. The week before the group was due to take part in the tie dyeing activity, they were all reminded that they needed to bring something with them the following week to tie dye. Tanya had also brought in some clothing which she had previously tie dyed as a sample to show people what they would be doing. Some people brought in items of clothing, others brought a quilt and pillow cases and some keen quilters came along and tie dyed some fabric to use in quilts which they were planning on making.

After listening to Tanya explaining the instructions for what the group needed to do, Timebanker’s  prepared the items they wished to tie dye and put elastic bands around where they wanted no dye to be. Whilst they were doing that Tanya mixed up the dyes ready for people to put their items in. This then had to be stirred for fifteen minutes and then left for three quarters of an hour,
before the items were rinsed with cold water until it ran clear to set the colour into the fabric; and finally, hung up to dry.

Timebankers really enjoyed the activity and the ones who did t-shirts wore them to the following weeks Tea and Toast Session.

Our Whitleigh Timebank meets every Wednesday, 10.00am – 12.00pm at Four Greens Community Trust, 15 Whitleigh Green, Whitleigh, Plymouth PL5 4DD

Anyone is welcome to attend, just pop in and say hello!