The GAS House

North Prospect is undergoing a staged redevelopment with houses built in the 1920s and 30s being replaced by with ‘high quality, eco friendly homes’. Prior to phase 3 of the project the Group for Arts in Swilly led by Councillor Tina Tuohy took the lease of one of the houses scheduled for demolition and turned it into a museum house.

The original plan was to open for Plymouth History Month in 2014 to showcase the history of the house. Furniture and artefacts from earlier decades were sought out but details showing the life of the family that had lived there were kept and displayed too. Photos and stories were collected.

The Museum House along with its garden took on a life of its own and has continued to open to visitors and as a venue for community events. It has also been used by 2Ply Timebank members, many of them living in the area.

We were able to help with the initial cleaning and decorating to get the
museum ready. As well as the regular openings and history events there have
been summer barbeques; gardening sessions to create a wartime inspired garden and rescue plants from the gardens to be developed; traditional Christmas decoration making workshops and carol singing in front of a nativity scene set up in the Anderson shelter.

Far beyond its original intentions he history house has provided stability and an important venue for 2Ply members during a time of change. It’s good to hear that these activities will continue in another house during 2018.