Scribbles and Scrabble

In early September Stonehouse Timebank members enjoyed a rare meeting in the garden at Union Corner. On a sunny Wednesday afternoon members Mary, Mike, Brett and Robert joined Zoe in the garden area for a cup of tea and a good old chin wag over a game of scrabble. It was wonderful to be back using our venue, if only for a short time and of course we all kept our social distance. Robert brought his trusty scrabble board and to say there was a little competitiveness in the air would have been an understatement! Still, rules were adhered to and much fun was had.

We also took the time to reflect back over the last six months and share our thoughts on COVID-19, what it has taught us, how we have coped with it and our feelings towards it. We each wrote down our feelings on a triangular piece of card, which we then strung together to make bunting. The different perspectives on the pandemic were rather interesting to read, from witty limericks to what positives we could take from the experiences we all had. It had a slightly therapeutic feel to it in the end. 

The bunting was then hung on the wall inside Union Corner along with blank cards and an invitation encouraging others to take the time to share their experiences with us, add to the memory chain and be proud that we have got though what has been a very challenging time for us all.