Ready Steady Cook

Our Efford Timebank group have been getting their bake on in the kitchen at the local Youth Centre. Member Mike had a great suggestion of making some heart shaped biscuits for Valentines Day. The catch was, we weren’t going to eat them all ourselves! Mike’s lovely idea was to make the biscuits, print off some information about Timebank and then donate them to a local café to help promote Timebanking in Efford.

So, who were we to turn down such a fabulous idea? Everyone got straight to work baking both chocolate chip and vegan biscuits. Amanda, Adriana and Mike were there to help get the mixture right and the production rate high. After a bit of taste testing Amanda did the honors of taking them to the community café at St Pauls Church and the local Library.

After the enjoyment of making the biscuits is was brought to our attention that shrove Tuesday was just around the corner so, everyone went to work the next week and had a flipping good morning. Mixing and flipping pancakes like they were going out of fashion. There were some most impressive pancake flipping including the regular pancakes and vegan options available too.

Members Chiharu, Amanda, Tony, John and Adriana all thoroughly enjoyed the session!