Pre- Christmas Crafting

It was the week before Christmas and people had lots to do so it was amazing to see such a burst of creativity and community spirit happening at this time in Timebank groups.
Adults and children got busy with paint, glue, buttons and sparkle to create wonderful tree decorations in a 2Ply Timebank session. Photos 1,2 and 9.


The Craft Club at Devonport Towers enjoyed homemade mince pies and jam tarts while finishing off Christmas craft projects and painting new ones. P 3, 4, 5, and 6


Stonehouse Timebank finished off their box for the community advent calendar in Palace Square, making a choir of little people. A new member who is a artist painted the background. (P 11)


TheĀ little choir was on display on the day of the Stonehouse Community Carol singing which everyone joined in with. (P 7 and 8)


There was also time to run a beeswax wrap making workshop at the Plymouth Play Association. This was very busy with people able to make environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrappings for themselves and as presents. Some of the most popular fabrics had come from a previous Timebank house clearing swap. (P 10)


Christmas can a be busy and stressful or a lonely time. Nice to think that some TBSW activities might have helped counter that.