Pen Pal Project

We have several Timebankers who enjoy writing and receiving letters. So, during lockdown we made contact with Timebank UK and Fair Shares based in Gloucester to see if they had any Timebankers who might like to be a pen pal to our members. From this initial enquiry the Pen Pal Project began, and we started matching people up based on their likes and interests. We have successfully matched up seven of our members with Timebankers based in Hull, East Yorkshire and Gloucester and we have another seven members who are waiting to be matched.

Plymouth Scrap Store generously donated 20 writing packs to give to our members who sign up to the Pen Pal Project. The gorgeous packs contained writing paper, colour card, postcards, pens, envelopes, ruler, glue, glitter and stickers and we supplied the stamps to get members started.

Letters have already been exchanged and everyone is enjoying getting to know each other the old-fashioned way!