Nikki Street

Timebanking is about reducing isolation, bringing people together, sharing skills, improving wellbeing and increasing confidence. Timebank South West strives to achieve as many of these goals with our members, but with one, we ticked all the boxes and more!

Nikki first came to us as a post operation, isolated single mum. She joined her mum at one of our socials in Whitleigh back in 2015 and little did she know that 9 years later she would be working with us and inspiring our members to use their skills to their full ability.

Nikki has always enjoyed the company of others and is at ease when receiving help from another member or sharing her skills. From form filling to Amigurumi – she is able to provide support or find someone who can.

In 2022 Nikki came to the realisation that she was ready to get back into employment but she wanted to be sure that it was something that suited her abilities both physically and mentally, so what did she do? She came to us! Volunteering at one of our socials, Nikki was able to get a feel for the work we do, the people we work with and the demand of the job. Thankfully, she liked what she experienced and was good at it too.

We were so impressed we offered Nikki a development role and 4 hours a week paid work to ease her back into work. We provided ongoing support and training and the rest, as they say, is history.

Nikki took over our Timebank group in Barne Barton, communicating with members and external organisations, Nikki has made her mark and proven to be a real asset to the Timebank South West team.

Nikki gives 100% as an outreach worker and is also a very active Timebank member. She is always willing to travel across the city providing one to one support for anyone wanting a little help with many different things, one of which is providing crochet skill shares – be it stitches, patterns or freestyle!

“Having had life-changing health issues over the past 8 years no one prepares you for the mental health side of trauma. Being able to volunteer with Timebank gave me back the confidence I lost and brought me out of isolation again. If my personal experience can help me to help others then the last 8 years will have been for something. I am back doing a job that fills me with joy” Nikki Street