More than a helping hand

Our Outreach Worker Zoe recently spent time with two of our newest Timebank members in Stonehouse helping to facilitate an exchange.

After joining Timebank, Margaret filled in one our exchange request slips asking for some help cleaning her fridge and her balcony. Zoe put it out to the members at our Stonehouse social and our newest member, Chris (who had signed up that very day) offered his time to help.

Chris found us through word-of-mouth as he was hoping to get involved with local groups whose aim is to help others in their area. He came to the right place!

On the day of the request, Zoe met with Chris outside Margaret’s home to help reduce any feeling of unease, because entering another person’s home for the first time can be unnerving if you are not very well acquainted.

Together they made the decision to clean the fridge and leave the balcony to another time due to the torrential rain on the day. Margaret showed us the fridge in question and emptied it, so Chris promptly got to work! He had requested for Margaret to purchase some bicarbonate of soda for the process as it is a wonder powder for cleaning and removing any smells that may be lingering. Once he had removed the shelves and un blocked the drainpipe he set to cleaning the inside and had it sparkling in no time.

Margaret was most pleased with the result and was kind enough to offer Chris and Zoe a coffee after.

This was a most wonderful experience, not only did Chris and Zoe have a closer look at the wonderful hand-made toys and arts that Margaret creates in her spare time, but they also got to get to know each other a little better too.

Zoe said, “At socials you rarely get a chance to sit with someone and really get to know what makes them tick, this exchange provided that opportunity and it was a pleasure to hear Chris and Margaret exchange life stories, discover they have lived in the same areas of London and just have a lovely chat about whatever they pleased!”

Margaret has handwritten her life story in part and so as well as cleaning the balcony, Chris has offered support in her writing, and Zoe is going to find someone to type it up should Margret want it.

After leaving the house both Margaret and Chris were visibly happier and grateful for the time spent in each other’s company. Warm glows all round!

“Thank you for coming to help, I have really enjoyed this afternoon with you both” Margaret

“This is what I love to do, help people out and learn about them, enjoy their company, and know I can be of use again. I really enjoyed this afternoon, thank you” Chris