Mary’s Garden

During Honicknowle’s Friday Timebank Social, our regular members joined us to help complete some outdoor swaps as the weather was reasonably good.

We met with active Timebank member Mary who had asked for help to tidy up her garden and dispose of any weeds throughout her patio area. Mary’s carer was there to help her, so the team got on with clearing the garden straight away. Social distancing rules were observed at all times to make sure everyone felt safe.

Mary asked the team if they would like a break for refreshments so everyone down tools and chatted over a welcoming hot cup of tea. Once everyone had a sufficient break, they continued the tasks set in the garden for that day.

Tony cleared the weeds from the patio area, whilst John emptied the old plants and weeded the garden. Mary’s plant pots were cleaned and made ready for putting some new plants in for the Spring. Mary commented she would have an array of colour back in the garden once the weather turned warmer and that she was looking forward to sitting outside.

As Mary struggles now to complete any gardening, she expressed her gratitude and appreciation telling the team: “Thank you, it really helps, I feel a lot better now it is done as I cannot do it anymore”

Everyone was pleased with a job well done and were each given time credit hours to ask for something back from any timebank member whenever they need it.

Please note this swap took place prior to January 2021 lockdown announcement due to covid-19.