Making Bucket Hats

Devonport Timebank members have recently come together to make themselves a bucket hat. Led by Outreach Worker – Zoe Nile, they selected their fabric and brought it into the session to make them. Patterns were passed out and the cutting began, each member being sure to place their pattern pieces the right way up and in a way in which you get the most out of the fabric. The next step was to cut out the pieces and then sew the seams making sure the right sides of the fabric were together – See picture 2 of Linda S at the sewing machine.

The seams of the brim and the head band were nice and easy, getting the top attached to the headband was a little trickier and took a lot of pins! Once the top was sewn, the brim was then attached to the headband to form the hat. We all decided to make a reversible hat so as to make it more fun and so the process was repeated with another fabric. The two hats were then placed right sides together and a seam sewn around the brims attaching them together. A small gap was left so that the hat could be turned through and hand sewn to finish.

Linda was most pleased with her hat when it was finished, just in time for the heatwave and a festival!

“I am not a seamstress and hadn’t really used a sewing machine before. My experience of making the hat was fun and I am extremely pleased with the outcome, so much so that I’d like to try and make some more. Zoe is a very patient teacher and helped me with my skills and confidence”. Linda S

All members who participated were happy with their hats and the simplicity of the process in putting it together. Zoe was really impressed by their enthusiasm and accuracy at the sewing machine!