Macrame feathers in Devonport

Devonport members Rowena and Sue were really eager to have a go at making Macrame feathers as a group activity.  These feathers are a really quick and easy make and a great way of using up cut off’s from other macrame projects. Outreach Worker Zoe is an avid creator of macramé creations and so she brought along a bag of cord strings in various colours ready to be made into something pretty!

The group created the feathers in stages so that Zoe would be able to give each member the support they needed. Getting the knack of alternating the square knots so the feather had a balanced look was a little tricky!

This activity required attention to detail, manual dexterity and a good memory. The group had a laugh when things went awry but persevered  and were all really pleased with the outcome. Most were made in a single colour but Rowena was brave and went for two to try and create an eagle feather which will look really impressive when finished. The feathers are made in stages and so some haven’t finished theirs yet, however, this means that anyone joining in on a different day can pick up some cord and get started without feeling they are holding up the process

Activities like these are really enjoyable for all involved, we had members who were pleasantly surprised at their ability to pick up the knots so easily and then inspired to make more and create something they could hang on their wall.