Learning to knit in Whitleigh

Regulars at the Whitleigh weekly social enjoy learning new skills together and asked if we could find someone to show them the basics of knitting. This was easily arranged, and the group spent the
morning leaning how to cast-on and do alternate knit and purl rows as a basic to most jumpers, hats, scarfs and toys. They also learnt how to rectify any dropped stitches, how to increase, decrease and cast off.

Two members who have recently become good friends through Timebanking and share a long term Health condition., which effected there confidence in their skills. With a bit of encouragement
and support both women started to remember their knitting skills and were soon knitting away and got faster than those who were learning.  One of the women helped to show others what to do, completely forgetting her original concerns. It was great to witness the transformation of both women coming into their element and realising their condition was not a barrier to them joining in with the fun.