Ironing Exchange

Newest Timebank member, Jaquie, has wasted no time in getting stuck into exchanges in Devonport. During her first couple of meetings she discussed with other  members how much she enjoyed cleaning and ironing , something that is certainly not for everyone!

On hearing her love of  getting a bit of steam around the collar Andy mentioned  recently purchasing new shirts that could do with being pressed, Jaquie jumped at the opportunity and so the next week Andy brought his shirts along to the group and Jaquie was off ironing!

It is rare to see such joy being obtained from a domestic chore, but as you can see, Jaquie was having a blast!

“I really enjoy ironing, I find it quite therapeutic. I look forward to doing the next lot for Andy” Jaquie.

She got through the shirts, hanging each one carefully after finishing it,  and was slightly deflated when she reached the bottom of the pile. Andy reassured her there will be plenty more where that came from, so she has something to look forward too.

While ironing we were discussing possible swaps for Jaquie, and she mentioned needing some shelves put up, once she has found the right ones for her bathroom. Andy was pleased to be able to offer his time to complete this task for her and so we now have that one in the diary too.

Jaquie earned two time hour credits which she can use to get her shelves up.