Helping neighbours in Ernesettle

Organisational Timebank member St Aidan’s Church contacted us to see if they could use their saved timebank hours to help a neighbour tidy up their garden. We of course said yes!

Active Timebanker Tom offered his help and the Church supplied the tools needed. Tom started by clearing all the leaves that had accumulated with the high winds.

Another neighbour kindly offered use of their secateurs, to help cut down the brambles and ivy on their neighbours fence.

Lindsay at the Church brought drinks over and a piece of the homemade cake from the community café which was much appreciated by those who helped out.

CH said, ‘We were very grateful for Timebank’s help with clearing and sweeping our drive and pathway for us. It was so reassuring knowing that we have people who could help our parents settle on the estate as we live up-country. Huge thank you to Tom and Sally.’