Heligan Gardens – Day Trip

There are keen gardeners in our Stonehouse Timebank and a few members were keen to learn more. A member suggested visiting an established and maintained garden which led onto the idea of visiting Heligan Gardens. The organisation of the trip itself was more difficult. We discovered that it would cost around £20 per person for admission and travel – some people were able to afford that, but we didn’t want to exclude anyone from the experience.

We teamed up with Grow Stonehouse, which organises gardening groups in the area to join in with the adventure. Wolseley Trust came to the rescue with a community bus and a driver for the chosen date, 4th July. Grow Stonehouse were able to pay part of the entrance fee, Stonehouse Timebank had a little money, most of the group were able to pay £5 towards costs and Dave the minibus driver was happy to drive without payment if we would make a small contribution to his favourite charity. With a full bus everyone set off for Heligan.

At the gardens our guide Allan was helpful and informative and spent far longer with us than the expected hour. Following a shared lunch and much talking the intrepid Timebankers went to explore the ‘jungle’ and rope bridge. The gardens were enchanting with discoveries of statues of giants and stages set for performances. There was just enough time for a quick look around the shop.

But the day wasn’t over as Dave took a detour to Charlestown which pleased Poldark fans and the rest of the group as well. It was a great group experience with something to offer everyone. Members said it was good to get out of the city, enjoy a summer day, and see different things.

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