Guinea Pig Nail Clip

Timebankers like to help out our feathered and furry friends as well as people and one of our newest members Leanne recently got to grips with fellow Timebanker Zoe’s two Guinea Pigs who needed a nail trim and a pick me up manicure! Zoe didn’t have any experience with the intricacies of piggies nails, and she wanted a helping hand to show her the ropes. Leanne has two Guinea Pigs herself and so has lots of experience dealing with this sort of thing. 

Zoe said “It was a welcome relief to see them sitting quietly and unconcerned about having their first manicure, they didn’t squirm or try to get away. Leanne knows exactly what she is doing and made a wonderful job of keeping them calm while she completed the job”. 

A big thank you from Nibbles and Clover!