Gardening in Devonport

Members of Devonport Timebank often go over to Devonport Views, an extra care scheme run by Live West. They have been involved with Christmas wreath making, crafts for the All Ways Apples Festival, and collecting oral histories there. Residents wanted to brighten up their garden courtyard outside their common room. Not everyone there is able to garden now but well-tended flowers and plants are something that can be appreciated by all from indoors and out.

Timebankers went on a Thursday so they could take part in the weekly coffee morning and found themselves involved in a birthday celebration, raffle, and a church service before they headed outside. Liverty brought lots of new plants and compost and Timebankers were able to supply hand tools and one of our members popped home for some larger ones. Resident Tony, a keen and knowledgeable gardener sent his grandson off for more compost. Timebankers tended pot plants: pruned re-potted, tidied and watered the ground and planted wild flower seeds.

It was warm and sunny so residents were able to join in by chatting to the team and they were still talking about it and making future plans over lunch.