From helping hand to friendship

In October 2021 Efford Timebank member Viki put out a request for help to list, sell and pack up her craft room. Sadly, with her eyesight waning and her arthritis limiting the use of her hands considerably, she was no longer able to create the beautifully hand-printed cards and paper she loved so well.

After asking around and creating a poster to advertise Viki’s exchange request on Facebook we were pleasantly surprised to receive an offer of help from someone who had only recently discovered Timebank. Sarah had seen the post pop onto her newsfeed and decided to get in touch and, after speaking with Outreach Worker Zoe, she filled in the necessary paperwork to become a member and was put straight in touch with Viki.

Both women got on well from the off, with so much in common the task of selling and packaging up Viki’s craft room became an enjoyable experience instead of the depressing affair she was foreseeing. It was still a difficult move to make but Viki received overwhelming support and understanding from Sarah.

After a few visits and a lot of conversations around their joint interests it made perfect sense for the two to meet up again and enjoy a lunch together and then a craft fair or two! It is great to know that they continue to talk on the telephone and meet up when they have a free weekend.

“I feel so grateful to Sarah for her help with my craft room and really enjoy spending time with her at craft fairs and doing other things that we both enjoy doing together.” Viki.

A wonderful example of how Timebank brings people together and creates longstanding connections for members.