Fixing a tablet to keep connected

Timebank South West member Laraine called our Outreach Worker Sally to ask if someone could take a look at her tablet device as it was not charging. Sally picked up the tablet from Laraine’s house and took it home to try one of her charging leads to see if that was the problem.

The tablet still wasn’t charging properly so Sally passed the laptop to Timebanker Wayne  who is really good at fixing things. He looked at the lead and found that the lead that meets the power supply was broken. The charge was very intermittent so Wayne took the tablet apart and found dry joints around where the power supply was plugged in.

Sally contacted Laraine and asked if she would like to order a new lead and Laraine asked if Wayne could get it for her as she didn’t know what she was looking for and had no way of getting online to buy one. Wayne was happy to help, he sourced a new lead and ordered it on her behalf. When the new lead arrived Wayne charged the tablet up and Sally took the device back to Laraine. Laraine was very grateful as having the tablet enables her to keep in contact with her grandchildren and play games with them which helps the family through lockdown.

Laraine said ” It’s great having the tablet back and working again as it gives me something to do in lockdown, thanks to timebank Sally and Wayne”