Di’s Story

Di is an active long standing Timebanker and this is her lock-down story in her own words:

“During this pandemic Four Greens has been a great help to me and my family. We have had to isolate since last March, at the beginning of it all as both my husband and daughter have health problems and are disabled.

We have had help with Four Greens picking up medicines from the chemist when needed and have also helped us with food packages. These have been gratefully received and have helped us a lot. We appreciate all they have done for us and things would have been more difficult without their help.

At Christmas my friend Sally (Timebank Outreach Worker) was telling me that she was delivering Christmas food boxes and asked if I would like to help her. I thought it was a way of paying Four Greens back for the help they gave us up till then and are still doing.

We started in the morning, loaded up the car and we were away. The people we delivered to were really grateful (some even cried!), I saw that we were not alone. If there was time we had a little chat and I found out how much these boxes were needed and the smiles and thanks showed us how much.

Doing this got me out of the flat for the day (I had been going stir-crazy!!) and when we finished I felt great. I had got to spend the day out of the flat and felt that I had done something good. We were tired but it was a good tired. I wasn’t really in the mood for Christmas but after this day I felt I wanted Christmas and my mood was lifted and although it was quiet I had a reasonably good one. My husband even noticed my mood had improved.

Thank you Four Greens and everyone involved for all you do. Without you things would be very different for a lot of people”.

In helping Sally deliver food boxes Di earned seven Timebank credit hours to spend on learning a new skill or to get help with a task when she needs it.