Digital Inclusion

Timebank South West has been working closely with Borrow Don’t Buy who run a library of things in Plymouth. They are  like a normal library, but with THINGS instead of BOOKS! What kind of things? All the sorts of things you might need but not have at home from DIY tools, to a film projector, to an electric bike are just some of the things you can find at Borrow Don’t Buy. To find out more Borrow Don’t Buy 

We have recently been lucky to have a number or tech items donated to us from Borrow Don’t Buy; Laptops, mobile phones and tablets. These items have been given to us so that we can:  

  • help get our timebank members online  
  • keep our members connected with friends and family and join in on our weekly online socials
  • enable them to work from home more easily 
  • reduce isolation through a lack of being able to connect with others                 

So far we have donated the laptops to two members working from home and one of whom has a son who needs to get online to complete his homework. We have also given out a tablet to a member who does not have any devices at home other than a landline, thus enabling her to link on to Wifi hot spots to get online until she has it installed in her home.