Devonport Towers Craft Club

Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) have started to replace the cladding on their three tower blocks in Devonport. They are offering activities in the community room there so that residents have somewhere to go for a bit of respite while the work is happening. They asked Timebank South West for help to set up a craft group. It began in mid November and is proving really popular. The group is open to all, residents and non-residents.


“On the first day one of our elderly residents came along with his apron and wanted us to make a replacement for him. With our encouragement and help on the sewing machine he managed to make a new one himself using the old one as a template. We have also been busy making Christmas decorations and one of our residents has been teaching one of the men to crochet. It is a lovely atmosphere in the group with lots of mutual help and support happening”. Hayley from PCH