Decorations in Devonport

Each year Devonport Timebank members like to create new Christmas decorations, either for themselves or to give to a friend/family member. In Devonport recently everyone has been looking forward to their Christmas party and so some of the newly made decorations may well be used to decorate the space on the day.

We had members adorning fur cones with glitter, creating a beautifully frosted effect, stitching felt stars to hang on the tree, decoupaging small boxes and baubles as well as decorating Christmas cards to give out. Outreach Worker Zoe said: “I always find it most rewarding to see members who do not see themselves as ‘crafty’, create a beautiful item that they are proud to display in their home or give to another person”.

During these crafting sessions members are there to help others with their work, offer advice on finishing touches and alternative options if something isn’t working. The group really do work well together and Zoe was pleased to say that they had a visitor who enjoyed the session so much, as well as the idea of Timebanking, that she signed up on the day!

“I had a lovely time today, it was great to meet you all. Thank you. I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon” New member Rosie.

A true reflection on how our Devonport group can create a welcoming and enjoyable experience for even the most shy and anxious of people.

They are looking forward to making Christmas wreaths next week!