Creative Timebanking in Stonehouse

During May Stonehouse Timebankers have been sharing their skills and earning hours in the most creative of ways.

As soon as the sun began to shine we took to the garden to breathe new life into some of the old flower pots in the garden. Taking them from tawdry terracotta to gorgeous green! We also used yellow and pink paint to ensure that it wasn’t just the flowers getting noticed this summer!

We have also taken part in a project called ‘Covid Comforts’ led by Timebank member Mary. Stonehouse members were asked to reflect on their time in lockdown and think about something in the outside environment that brought them comfort. It was wonderful to see how people responded to the question, we had drawings of a cheerful looking gnome with the word Friendly, a scene from Victoria Park with the word Quiet and Patna Park in the morning when the birds were just awakening with the word Peaceful.

These pencil drawings were then transferred on to cotton and we used Batik to add colour to the piece. We look forward to seeing all the individual pieces put together when the project is completed.

 “A very interesting project to input into, it really made me think about what I don’t need to hold on to” Zoe – Outreach Worker Timebank South West

Finally, we also enjoyed a Water Colour Painting presentation with Timebanker Robert followed by a group painting session where we tried to re create the image presented to us by John Blockley.

The session was really well received and everyone who participated thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to create a beautiful piece of Water Colour art.