Crafts with 2Ply Timebank

2Ply Timebank members meet for coffee at the Beacon in North Prospect Road every Monday and Wednesday between 11 am and 1 pm. They enjoy a cuppa and chat but also like to get involved in craft activities.

This autumn we have been lucky to receive some funding from left from the old Halcyon Centre to provide equipment and materials for crafts. As members also enjoy Christmas the timing meant we could make gifts and decorations too.

Attempts at crochet haven’t been very successful, a few Christmas trees were started but this craft may need to be revisited in the new year. I think knitting has a strong influence here with people resorting to knitting techniques. One member only learnt to knit at a 2Ply session in North Prospect Library earlier in the year and proudly knitted Christmas trees.

Lots of triangles were coloured in to make original bunting to decorate the All Ways Apples Festival

During half term week we were joined by younger family members and had a busy and wonderful time painting on jars to make Hallowe’en lanterns.

Adult continued with the glass painting for several more weeks making Christmas designs on storage jars, lanterns and candle holders.

We have yet to make candles to put into the hand decorated containers; Christmas Eve boxes and willow wreaths. And most of the members are involved in organising a Christmas Fair and creating a magical Santa’s grotto for it. Might be nice to have start off 2018 with a quiet coffee morning!