Covid-19: Timebanking Update April 2021

We are now able to meet up with our friends and family outdoors either in a group of up to six people or two households, and, although social distancing rules remain in place, this has been welcomed by many. Just a few simple actions can help take care of each other when socialising:

  • Stay outside – we are not able to mix indoors just yet
  • Stick to the rule of six – up to six people, or two separate households
  • Follow social distancing rules – stay 2m away from others to stop COVID19 in its tracks – if we don’t get close to people, we cannot pass it on
  • Wear a face covering – this stops us from passing on the virus
  • Wash your hands regularly – for at least 20 seconds regularly but always after you blow your nose, sneeze or cough, before and after you eat or touch food and when you return home from being outside
  • Don’t follow the crowd – if somewhere is really busy try to find somewhere quiet

Timebank members (in groups of six) will be supported by our Outreach Workers:

  • to meet up in gardens, parks or other safe outdoor areas
  • go for group walks
  • do group gardening
  • do outdoor exchanges and activities
  • our online socials will continue with no limit on numbers

The safety of all our members, your families, your friends, your neighbours and our staff are very important to us and we appreciate your patience and support as we move slowly out of lockdown by following the rules set out in the Government’s Road Map

Subject to confirmation, the rule of 6 INDOORS will apply from 17th May as well as indoor activities re opening (cinemas and accommodations etc).