Barbara Hampson

Outreach Worker

I’ve been employed as a part time Timebank Support/Outreach Worker since January 2015(?) and before that was involved with Stonehouse Timebank. I work mainly in North Prospect, Devonport and Stonehouse. I love helping out in the community and making members’ ideas happen.

I enjoy gardening, crafts and cooking and like the way individual interests fit into Timebank. You can offer something you like doing in exchange for the chores you dislike – it even works for washing up! You can teach others things you are good at and learns new skills too. Working in a group to do this not only makes for good socialising but means that people can contribute as much or as little as they are able – and we know from Time Bank principles that everyone has something of value to contribute, even though they might not realise at first.

I moved to Plymouth with my 2 sons at the end of 1999. I’ve since worked as a
school administrator, studied Architectural Technology and the Environment and Architectural Conservation, and renovated a few houses. I never intended to stay long but now enjoy the things the city has to offer: the sea, green areas in town and lovely countryside close by, and being part of groups such as the Plymouth Energy Community, Food Plymouth, the Permaculture Group, Stonehouse Action – and of course Timebank SW! -that are bringing about change.